Schlagwort: Warsaw

Monaco Franze Platz goes Warsaw

Together with our friends from Cologne, Monaco Franze Platz sent a delegation to one of the European cities on the top of the present hipster landscape: Warsaw. Not only are the living expenses for the likes as us – beer, vodka, nice food – only a fraction of, say,
Copenhagen, but Warsaw since some time got the reputation of – no, I do not mention the B word, though we all of course love it – lots of nice music, clubs, bars and the like.

This is, for instance, what we have found on electronic music in Poland in our research preparing for the city. Well, always dedicated music fans, we contacted Piotr Bejnar from the fantastic new Otake Records label.

And, believe it or not, we started our first night in Warsaw with Piotr, his wife, and one of the artists in the Otake context, having a beer at the very nice Znajomi Znajomych, talking about music and all the rest. On top of it all, I bought the first two Otake vinyl releases directly from Piotr. A lasting very special entry in my collection for sure. Thank you Piotr and Liza!


With that for a start, the rest of our journey went down smoothly. Nice street art, quality food, interesting people, cool beer, special tastes of vodka, and an extraordinary place to (not) sleep. No, not the stadium, the tower on the right.


A particular mention is due for the bar we spent our last night, the Knajpka W Oparach Absurdu. Great place, with a spontaneous live music jam session, but also with my favourite cardigan being stolen at the end of the night. The two girls from the Knajpka have seen who has got it, so I have not given up hope to get it back. However, in the end there are still my Albanian friends to take care of the issue.

Finally, with respect to music, listen to Barbara Morgenstern. Just do it. You might start with Lost in a Fiction.